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Mentone's Gazebo Gazette is a once-a-month publication sharing facts about our community and it's people.  We have a very colorful history that dates back to the late 1870's.
Each monthly publication features a local business.  Currently, we have over 120 private businesses in Mentone proper.

  Highway 38 begins at the Orange off-ramp from I10.  It ends near Big Bear City, where it merges into Highway 18.  Take the Alabama off-ramp (if heading east) and turn left at the signal and then turn right on Lugonia Avenue (Lugonia Avenue becomes Mentone Blvd. when you enter Mentone some 4 miles later. 

The main thoroughfare through Mentone's business district begins at Wabash Avenue and ends at Crafton Avenue.  If you are coming from the east to the west, take the Oak Valley turn off from the I10 and turn right at the stop sign, and then left at the signal light.  You'll proceed up over the Crafton Hills and make a right at Crafton Avenue.  Enjoy the last vestige of oranges in the area as you proceed to Mentone Blvd.

Dr. George Everett
Dr. George Everett
Founder, Author, & CEO of Mentone's Gazebo Gazette. Mentonite for over 45 years.
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